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Xbox One Unveiled By Microsoft

by Joseph
Xbox One

Xbox One

Microsoft’s follow-up to the Xbox 360 was finally unveiled yesterday. For its name, Microsoft simply subtracted 359 degrees to arrive at the Xbox One.

The most notable feature of the Xbox One is its voice-control function. Instead of having to, say, switch from a game to something on TV, you can simply say to the Xbox One, “turn on The Food Network,” and BOOM!  You’re watching Good Eats.

The Xbox One also boasts an extreme upgrade over its predecessor in terms of performance: It has eight times the 360’s graphic capability, and an x86 processor that’s said to reduce load times and game lags down to nothing. There’s also a completely redesigned controller, as well as the ability to fully integrate with your cable or satellite TV service.

You can get a much more comprehensive rundown on the Xbox One at its own website here, where additional info on things like pricing and availability should be announced soon.

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