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Microsoft Surface Unveiled to Rival Apple’s iPad

by AnthonyP

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft managed to build up quite a bit of hype for their hardware announcement yesterday, which turned out to be a tablet offering of their own called the Microsoft Surface.

Rivaling the iPad in terms of portability and offering a Gorilla Glass-based touchscreen, and competing against the Macbook Air for sheer productivity, the Microsoft Surface is basically a laptop in the form of a sleek tablet that runs on Windows.  It even supports Windows 8 applications.

The Microsoft Surface comes with a 10.6″ screen that’s unfortunately not as detailed as Apple’s retina display on the new iPad. However, it has a smart attachable keyboard and trackpad cover that somewhat makes up for it, in addition to a USB port and a heavy duty magnesium body.

Microsoft has yet to announce how much it’ll cost or when it’ll be released, but they did say that the Microsoft Surface will be priced competitively against other tablets—so expect it to cost anywhere between $599 and $1K.

Source: Microsoft Surface

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