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Microsoft HoloLens: Holographic Communication (Video)

by Joseph
Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

I guess with a Doctor Strange movie coming out, astral projection is going to be hot again very soon. And Microsoft is there to capitalize with the Microsoft HoloLens, new technology that allows users to kinda-sorta astral project themselves anywhere in the world through the power of holograms.

Microsoft HoloLens is used for a process known as “holoportation,” using an array of 3D cameras (called a “capture rig”) and the HoloLens headset that allows anyone to interact with a 3D holographic image of the person on the other side. It’s pretty cool stuff, and will probably be used in a Hollywood tearjerking scene sooner rather than later. Holoportation can also be inverted to allow a user to “holoport” into a prerecorded 3D environment, kind of like Strange Days but hopefully with less murder.

You can watch the demonstration of Microsoft HoloLens holoportation below. And for more on this wondrous technology, check it out at Microsoft’s site here.

Here’s the video:


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