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microSDXC: 200GB MicroSD Card From SanDisk

by Joseph


A new level of storage capacity is coming from the people at SanDisk in the form of the 200GB microSDXC. The MicroSD card will have a whopping amount of storage space which will mean that unless you’re Bela Tarr or something you’ll probably never have to delete a photo, video, or anything else in the foreseeable future.

To give you an idea of how much stuff you’ll be able to cram into the 200GB SanDisk microSDXC, it can hold a total of 20 hours of Full HD video. Transfer speed is also great, with SanDisk claiming that 1200 photos a minute can be pulled from the card at 90MB a second. And it’s “water proof, temperature proof, shock proof, X-ray proof and magnet proof,” so you pretty much have to go to Mordor to damage this thing.

More technical specs and other info on the 200GB SanDisk microSDXC can be found at the SanDisk site here, where details on the card’s eventual release later this year should be available soon.

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