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Micro Mac: McDonald’s Contribution to April Fool’s 2017

by Joseph
Micro Mac

Micro Mac

Look, I know that April Fool’s Day is the worst day of the year for the brands, because they have to create mildly amusing but basically inoffensive pranks to keep the wheels of the giant content engine we all live in greased and clicking. And normally I would be leery if not outright hostile towards the idea of covering these pranks after April 1st had come and gone, but McDonald’s 2017 outing would be, I think, worthy of a look even in the dog days of summer. It’s the Micro Mac.

The Micro Mac is a fourth size variant of the restaurant chain’s signature Big Mac sandwich, this one brought down to tiny, adorable proportions. And the thing that really makes it worthwhile is that they actually made a tiny Big Mac, in a tiny kitchen, with tiny kitchen implements—there’s a level of craft here not seen inside a McDonald’s kitchen since the McDLT was invented.

You can watch the assembly of the Micro Mac, presumably not coming to a McDonald’s near you (unless they get really, really desperate), below.

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