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Micro Cabin From Larocque Elder Architects

by Joseph
Micro Cabin

Micro Cabin

More and more these days I find myself dreaming about an off-the-grid existence, away from the everyday hustle and alone with my own thoughts (and perhaps an Amazon Prime account to keep me from going insane). Given that, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the Micro Cabin from Larocque Elder Architects.

The Micro Cabin covers just 98 square feet of the deep Ontario forest, where it stands in harmony with the surrounding environment. It’s meant to support its inhabitant without need of power or water, with windows for natural light and a wood-burning stove. And its dark green timber exterior keeps it from getting lost among the snowy trees that surround it.

Unfortunately, it appears to just be an architectural project for now, rather than a space available for rent or lease, but you can get more information on the Micro Cabin from the Larocque Elder Architects site right here.

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