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Mickey Mouse is Welching on a Mountain of Debt

by Kevin Nardone

Disney has been all over the news since its initial announcement that it was throwing its hat in the streaming ring last November.

In the time since, there has been a flurry of acquisitions, new releases, some activity that may or may not violate anti-trust laws, and most importantly (for Disney that is) there has been A LOT of money made.

Streaming has opened up a whole new revenue stream for the legacy entertainment giant—and the execs seem thrilled. Just not thrilled enough to use that money to pay the authors that they owe royalty checks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, several authors of Star Wars and other novelizations have reported that as soon as Disney took control of the franchise—all of a sudden, their royalty checks stopped coming.

It looks like the case is going to start litigation soon, as both sides have made public statements at this point, but if I’m one of those authors—first thing I am doing post pandemic is opening up a burner credit card and spending thousands at Disney World. Turkey legs and foreign themed beers out the wazoo.

See you in court, Mickey.

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