Home Entertainment Michael Jordan Goes ‘Uncensored’ For ‘NBA 2K14’ (Video)

Michael Jordan Goes ‘Uncensored’ For ‘NBA 2K14’ (Video)

by Joseph
Michael Jordan Uncensored

Michael Jordan Uncensored

In a pretty cool move to promote the recently released video game NBA 2K14, 2K Games has produced a web interview series featuring the one and only Michael Jordan.

It’s called Michael Jordan Uncensored, and the first part of the series has Jordan expounding on a variety of topics, including his early career in basketball, the art of trash talk and, in a brief aside, twerking (I think Michael Jordan might think twerking refers to a social networking website).

You can watch part 1 of Michael Jordan Uncensored below.  Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 coming soon and look for NBA 2K14 on shelves now.

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