Home Style Michael Jordan Rookie Nikes Go for $71,553 at Auction

Michael Jordan Rookie Nikes Go for $71,553 at Auction

by Joseph
Michael Jordan Rookie Nikes

Michael Jordan Rookie Nikes

If you pay any attention at all to sneaker culture, you probably won’t be surprised to find out that a pair of Michael Jordan rookie Nikes worn by MJ during his first NBA season went for an outrageous sum of money at an auction by SCP Auctions. But you may be surprised at just how much it got – since its $71,553 selling price was significantly higher than the $50,000 it was originally estimated as being worth.

As the (officially authenticated) legend goes, Michael Jordan autographed the sneakers and handed them over to LA Lakers ballboy Khalid Ali, who reportedly waited until now to flip the sneakers for some serious money. At this point, it’s tough to blame him – how long can you really look at an old pair of used sneakers, even if they are Michael Jordan rookie Nikes?

The identity of the person who dropped more than 71 grand on a pair of Michael Jordan rookie Nikes will remain a secret, but whoever it is has scored a hell of an item. For more from SCP Auctions, which specializes in sports memorabilia, head over to their official site right here.


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