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‘Michael Jackson’s Halloween’: A CBS Animated Special

by Joseph
Michael Jackson's Halloween

Michael Jackson's Halloween

Michael Jackson and Halloween seem to go together more and more these days. First we had the spooky MJ compilation Scream, which collects every even vaguely Halloween-adjacent Jackson song, and now we have a CBS animated special entitled Michael Jackson’s Halloween, as announced by the official CBS Twitter account:


Actors including Jim Parsons, Alan Cumming, Lucy Liu, Christine Baranski, and others are part of Michael Jackson’s Halloween, which will provide a soundtrack made up of Jackson’s biggest hits with animated Halloween visuals – or do I have that backwards? In any case, CBS is obviously hoping that this special becomes a Halloween tradition in the vein of the “Thriller” video – which, let’s face it, this special can’t even hope to match.

Anyway, Michael Jackson’s Halloween will be drawing uncomfortable trick-or-treat associations in the minds of viewers after darkness falls across the land on October 27th, when the special is set to premiere on CBS.

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