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Michael Jackson’s Glove Going Up for Auction

by Joseph
Michael Jackson's Glove

Michael Jackson's Glove

Everyone is familiar with the iconic white gloves worn one at a time by Michael Jackson around the Thriller era, making each one a valuable collectors’ item and piece of pop culture history. So it figures that when one of those gloves, like the one MJ gave as a gift to artist Paul Bedard, goes up for auction, its baseline starting price would be a cool 20 grand – a bargain for Michael Jackson’s glove, but bidding on the item is sure to drive the final asking price much higher than that.

Michael Jackson’s glove, going up for auction in a couple days, was owned by the singer in 1984 which is from the prime of Jackson’s legendary career. The glove is encrusted in crystals and will be joined by other iconic pieces of MJ memorabilia at the upcoming auction, like MJ’s iconic leather jacket prototype from the Bad video and album cover.

Even if you’re not a millionaire collector who will have a shot at taking Michael Jackson’s glove home, you may still want to check out the glove’s listing over at Nate D. Sanders’ auction house here. The bidding begins on July 30th.

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