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‘Metamorphosis’: Jackets That Expand and Light Up When You’re Drunk (Video)

by Joseph


It’s a familiar exchange, particularly on the weekend: “Are you drunk?” “No.” “Are you sure? Because you seem drunk.” “Don’t worry about it.”

As charming as this conversation always is, its time has passed, because a team of Korean artists have developed a line of jackets called Metamorphosis that light up and expand as the wearer gets drunker.

The Metamorphosis jackets work by detecting alcohol on the wearer’s breath, just like a breathalyzer. And they come in two variants, one for men and one for women – the men’s version expands the collar of the jacket, covering the wearer’s face, while the women’s version expands in the sleeves. They both light up, and all you have to do to activate them is keep drinking.

The full purpose and implications of the Metamorphosis have to do with the different attitudes toward social drinking in Korea compared to the west, but will probably only become clear once you wear one during a night of heavy drinking. Barring that, you can get a lot more information on the project from the creators’ website here.

You can watch a short video introducing the jackets below. And who knows, maybe these will catch on and become available in North America at some future date.


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