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Messograf Caliper Pen Does A Lot More Than Just Write

by Joseph
Messograf Caliper Pen

Messograf Caliper Pen

We all dream of having a pen in our pockets that can do anything – stir drinks, change channels, turn off faucets, excite animals and children, etc. The Messograf Caliper PenĀ is not quite that pen, but it does have a lot more features than a typical writing too, and that makes it an easy recommendation for anyone who wants more out of a pen.

Those features include (naturally) a caliper rule, a tire tread gauge, a thread scale, and a traditional ruler, all housed in a handsome package that also, wouldn’t you know it, writes. All in all, the Messograf Caliper Pen is one very impressive instrument, one that will more than likely blow everything else in your writing arsenal out of the water.

Far from costing the two or three thousand dollars its certainly worth, the Messograf Caliper Pen is priced at under $28 at the Cool Material online store here, where you can also get some more information on what the product can do.

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