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The Merino Ninja Suit Is What It Sounds Like (Video)

by Joseph
Merino Ninja Suit

Merino Ninja Suit

How many times in your daily life do you wish you had a ninja suit? 2? 5? 1000? Regardless of the answer, it’s a near certainty that it’s a non-zero figure, which means that the Merino Ninja Suit from Airblaster and Poler Stuff is automatically in your wheelhouse. And don’t be fooled by the date on the calendar.  This isn’t a Halloween costume, but a fully functional bodysuit for scampering across rooftops and trying to kill bad guys (or good guys, depending on what kind of ninja you choose to be).

OK, so it’s not recommended that you do anything illegal while wearing the Merino Ninja Suit, but with its “4-way stretch wicking Merino Wool fabric,” it’s at the very least flexible enough to accommodate anything you do choose to do while dressed as a ninja. Other features include a 7-panel hood, thumb loops, a 350-degree zip at the wast, and “easy #1 bathroom access” (because I know you were wondering about that).

The Merino Ninja Suit has a price tag befitting that of a ninjutsu master—just under $190. It’s available in four different color options here, and you can also watch a promotional video about the suit below.


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