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Mercury: “The World’s First Universal Camera”

by Joseph
Mercury Camera

Mercury Camera

The world of photography is a sometimes-confusing maze of different formats, lenses, shutter speeds, light levels, etc. A single camera that can handle all known photography formats would be an easy way to cut through a little bit of that clutter, but it’s taken until now for such a camera to be developed: The Mercury.

Billed as the first universal camera in the world, Mercury can shoot pictures on any format, and with any lens, for any kind of shot the photographer might wish for. Despite that, it’s a compact device comparable in size and weight to a standard professional grade camera.

You can get more information on the modular Mercury universal camera at the product’s official site here. There you can also find the camera’s Kickstarter listing, where it’s still significantly short of its $50,000 fundraising goal. Standard starter kits are going for $120, with additional packages available for higher prices.


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