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Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept: Equipped With Delivery Drones

by Joseph
Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept

Delivery vans have been around so long and are such a mundane part of everyday commerce that it might not seem possible for a car company to come up with an exciting concept for one. But the people at Mercedes-Benz have kind of succeeded at that, with the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van is equipped with a pair of remote-control delivery drones mounted on the roof, which would allow deliveries to be made to customer doorsteps without the driver having to get out of the van. The Vision Van is loaded with other high-tech features, like a battery-electric drive and automated cargo space integrated with the joystick-controlled drones.

But those “last-mile deliveries” of the future will have to remain in the future until regulations on delivery drones are relaxed or adjusted for modern technology, and in the meantime the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van will remain a vision of the future. But you can check out the concept vehicle at the official Mercedes site right here right now.

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