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Mercedes-Benz Home Battery Coming to Germany

by Joseph
Mercedes-Benz Home Battery

Mercedes-Benz Home Battery

As it turns out, Tesla isn’t the only company out there cooking up a home battery to change how consumers power their homes. There’s also a Mercedes-Benz home battery, being sold for now to customers in Mercedes‘ German home turf through Accumotive, one of the company’s subsidiaries.

The Tesla Powerwall is already sold out through late next year, so it’s a safe bet that the Mercedes-Benz home battery (which for now is stuck with the long, tough-to-spell German name “Energiespeicher”) will get a wider roll-out in the near future. And this isn’t just a rote copy of Tesla’s battery – Mercedes favors a more modular approach, with 2.5 kWh power packs that can be clustered together in as many as eight per battery, a configuration that doubles the capacity of Tesla’s equivalent battery.

So it would appear that we have now entered an era of competing home batteries. You can check out more on the Mercedes-Benz home battery at the official Accumotive site here, although you may need to brush up on your German first. Hopefully, information on a release that goes beyond Germany should be available soon.

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