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Mercedes-Benz Future Bus (Video)

by Joseph
Mercedes-Benz Future Bus

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus

Thinking about the future can be pretty stressful these days. But Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled a concept that makes riding the bus—a tedious if necessary proposition for many in the year 2016—seem cool and exciting. It’s the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus, a bus produced in conjunction with auto brand Daimler that requires no human driver.

Instead, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus is piloted by Mercedes’ CityPilot, the company’s own system for driverless vehicles (don’t worry, there is still a driver’s seat and apparatus present in case something goes wrong and Sandra Bullock needs to step in). Contrary to its high-tech trappings, the design of the bus takes an almost pastoral quality in the lights and handrails, the latter of which are inspired by tree branches.

You can see the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus, which will presumably one day be known as the Present Bus and then finally the Past Bus, in action in the video below. And for more, take a look at the project’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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