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The Menu Nut Hammer Is Designed To Crack Nuts

by Joseph
Menu Nut Hammer

The holiday season brings with it a cavalcade of uncracked nuts, just waiting for some person or thing to split their shells and enjoy the tasty treasures inside. Now, that person or thing might be both – a person with a Menu Nut Hammer, a hammer specifically designed to crack nuts without any guesswork or laser-beam accuracy required.

The Menu Nut Hammer’s special feature is its black silicone holder that secures the soon-to-be-cracked nut in place directly underneath the cast-iron hammer. Once this is done, all you have to do is smack the nearest flat, durable surface, and provided you have the arm strength the nut has been cracked. Sounds fun, right?

Perhaps less fun but still worthwhile would be to see a few photos of the Menu Nut Hammer in the gallery down below. And if you have enough nuts that need to be cracked to justify spending just under $40 for it, you can purchase the product over at the Menu online store here.

Here are the photos:

Menu Nut HammerMenu Nut HammerMenu Nut Hammer


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