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Menu Champagne Sabre: Open Champagne Like Napoleon

by Joseph
Menu Champagne Sabre

Menu Champagne Sabre

Opening a bottle of champagne the traditional way is already a pretty dynamic act, between the puncturing of the cork and the loud, satisfying “pop” sound when you pull it out, followed by that slightly Freudian rush of foam flooding through the neck of the bottle. But there’s an even more exciting way for you to open champagne bottles – with the Menu Champagne Sabre, designed by Karim Rashid.

The single-piece, stainless steel Menu Champagne Sabre works not by removing the cork from a bottle of champagne, but by smashing the neck of the bottle and pouring it through where the neck used to be. It’s an established way to give your champagne openings a little more oomph, said to be inspired by members of Napoleon’s cavalry, and Menu has come out with a stylish, “flamboyant” way to make it happen.

You can check out he Menu Champagne Sabre’s Amazon listing here, where it’s currently priced at just under $150.


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