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‘Memories of Paintings’: Enjoy Some Swirling Colors (Video)

by Joseph
Memories of Paintings

Memories of Paintings

It’s Friday afternoon as I write this, and that means it’s time to enjoy some swirling colors, courtesy of that wondrous invention known as the Friday Internet. This week’s batch of swirling colors is especially swirly and colorful, thanks to artist Thomas Blanchard, who’s used a variety of liquids for his Memories of Paintings.

Those liquids include paint, naturally, but also stuff like oil, milk, and soap, all of which contribute to the hypnotic and unique (unless you count other works by Blanchard) look of Memories of Paintings. The dreamy score is from electronic artist Bronix, but you can turn the sound down and pair it with whatever music you choose without getting in the way of the spirit of the thing.

See Memories of Paintings for yourself below, and may all your weekends feel like extreme close-ups of paint and soap. For more from Thomas Blanchard, check out his account on Vimeo right here.

Here’s the video:

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