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Mellow Skateboard Drive: Turn An Existing Board Electric

by Joseph
Mellow Skateboard Drive

Mellow Skateboard Drive

I imagine that people with old-fashioned skateboards often gaze longingly at those with new electric models, cursing the inexorable march of technological progress and their own sentimental attachment to their analog-style deck. But now they can amp up pretty much any deck to electric speeds with the Mellow Skateboard Drive.

The Mellow Skateboard Drive can be fastened onto a skate deck almost like any other set of wheels, but with two motors inside that can propel the board up to 25 miles per hour for ten miles on one charge. Given all that power, it might be a relief to know that it only adds five and a half pounds to your board.

If you’re worried about your bank account being too heavy, the Mellow Skateboard Drive can make it about $1,200 lighter if you pre-order one from the official Mellow online store right here. And the price is supposed to increase as we get closer to the product’s release in September of next year, so you better act soon!


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