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Meerkat: Get Your Live Video to All Your People

by Joseph


If you’re putting out video content on sites like YouTube, you know that it can be surprisingly difficult to get people to actually watch what you’re┬ástreaming, unless it shows you getting hit in the crotch with a snowball or something. But there’s another way to share your video content with all of your social media (specifically, Twitter) contacts – live video streaming through the Meerkat app.

Meerkat is part of that Snapchat wave of disposable video content services, since once you watch a live stream, you can’t go back and watch it again. The big theme here is immediacy, since on Meerkat viewers know that what they’re seeing is happening right then, as they see it. It’s a different kind of online video streaming, and followers of a given stream can comment, share, and interact as they watch.

Meerkat is currently available for free at the iTunes Store here, with a watch-only variant for Android available here. And if it takes off, expect to be hearing the word “Meerkatting” a lot in the near future.

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