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Meater: “The First Truly Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer”

by Joseph


If you’re looking for something to put in your kitchen that also has a hilarious name, Apption Labs have engineered the “first truly wireless smart meat thermometer” that probably fits the bill – it’s the Meater.

Meater is a highly sensitive and accurate meat thermometer that packs all of its necessary electronic gizmos into its probe, which avoids the tangle and hassles that have accompanied smart meat thermometers in the past. It also means it can be used in rotisseries and other trickier cooking setups, and since it’s synced up to your phone you don’t even have to step into the kitchen to check on whatever it is you’ve got cooking.

You can get more information on the fabulous Meater at its highly successful Kickstarter campaign here, where it’s raised nearly a million dollars (but with only 36 hours left to go as of this writing). You can pre-order yours there starting at $60.

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