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Meatball Pizza Bowl: A New Olive Garden Monstrosity (Video)

by Joseph
Meatball Pizza Bowl

Meatball Pizza Bowl

When we last heard from Olive Garden, they were trying to kill decent hardworking Americans with an unholy hybrid of nachos and pasta. Now, they’re dishing out something even more dangerous: A giant, bowl-shaped pizza crust jammed with cheese, sauce and meatballs. It’s called the Meatball Pizza Bowl. 

The OG Meatball Pizza Bowl is part of some menu death trap called “Lunch Duos,” in which select menu items can be ordered in discounted pairs – bring a friend you don’t like very much and let nature take its course. As for the item itself, the bread bowl reportedly tastes identical to the restaurant’s famed breadsticks, “thanks to the same herbs and spices on top.” The restaurant itself let customers know about the item on National Pizza Day on Twitter:

Anyway, you can take a look at the Olive Garden’s Meatball Pizza Bowl in the video below, and watch for it at your local Italian food trough now.


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