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MDK9 Dog Haus: Upgrade Your Dog’s Digs

by Joseph
MDK9 Dog Haus

MDK9 Dog Haus

The other day we told you about the Casper Dog Bed, which is the next level of dog comfort. But unless you live in some kind of plush luxury mansion, your dog probably doesn’t want to sleep in a high-class bed surrounded by your modest home furnishings, in which case you should consider something like the MDK9 Dog Haus.

The MDK9 Dog Haus applies sleek architectural standards to the old standby of the classic doghouse, and the result looks like something Hank Williams would be delighted to sleep inside. But the little dog will probably appreciate it too, provided it has an appreciation for its handcrafted Brazilian Teak construction, personalized aluminum name plate, and yes, a memory foam bed.

At $3,650, the MDK9 Dog Haus is priced so that your dog will have no doubt that he is loved by his owners, which could also be accomplished with an old sock, but whatever. You can buy yours or just get more information on the Porsche of doghouses right here.

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