Home Style McWhinney Designs: Hinged Wedding Rings “for Active Men” (Video)

McWhinney Designs: Hinged Wedding Rings “for Active Men” (Video)

by Joseph
McWhinney Designs

McWhinney Designs

The metaphorical point of the wedding ring, as I understand it, is that it’s an unbreakable, contiguous bond that represents the similarly un-shatterable bond between you and your spouse. But active men are known not to have any time for metaphors, so they may prefer a more practical hinged wedding ring from McWhinney Designs.

McWhinney Designs specializes in “active wedding rings for active men.” What this means is that their wedding rings have built-in hinges that make them easier to take off – you know, if you change your mind and want to try wearing another ring for a while, no big deal.

Constructed from 6Al 4V aircraft grade U.S. titanium that may indeed be more durable than the average marriage, McWhinney Designs hinged wedding rings start at $1,200 at McWhinney’s official site here. You can also check them out in the video below – you know, if you aren’t quite ready to make a commitment.

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