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Here’s What a McDonald’s McRib Really Looks Like (Photo)

by Joseph


The McRib barbecue sandwich at McDonald’s is one of those pre-fabricated cult items that McDonald’s keeps taking off the menu and bringing back in order to get people to care about it. But that’s not the darkest aspect of the McRib phenomenon. ┬áRather, that darkest aspect would be what those slabs of “rib meat” actually look like before they get covered in sauce and sandwiched in a bun.

Since you clicked on this article, it’s a cinch you’ve already seen the photo. Fortunately, I don’t have much to add in the way of information, other than the fact that the photo comes from Reddit and the frozen meat stick you see above reportedly contains ingredients like “restructured meat product” and “scalded pig stomach.” ┬áI’m … lovin’ … it?

For those still craving a McRib, I’m quite certain that it will be coming back to a McDonald’s near you sometime soon.

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