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McDonald’s Wagyu Beef Burger Now Available in Australia

by Joseph
McDonald's Wagyu Beef Burger

McDonald's Wagyu Beef Burger

Cool news for anybody who might find themselves near an Australian McDonald’s location in the near future: The McDonald’s Wagyu Beef Burger is now available in Mickey D’s locations down under, with a price point that comes to about eight dollars American: Pretty cheap as Wagyu beef goes.

If you’ve not heard of Wagyu beef, here’s a quick primer on the Japanese delicacy: It’s beef made from the meat of four different Japanese cow breeds, blended together to make what is purportedly a smooth, buttery product. But the McDonald’s Wagyu Beef Burger hasn’t exactly been getting positive reviews, per Grub Street:

“One guy bashed it in a Big Mac–style jingle (‘unmelted cheese, tomato, bacon, a crapton of wilted lettuce, and a smear of nondescript sauce on a dry oversized bun’), and others have kept their attacks simple by calling the sandwich ‘rubbish,’ ‘dry,’ ‘cardboard,’ ‘cooked to death,’ and ‘inferior in every way to even a McFeast.'”

The McDonald’s Wagyu Beef Burger is available while it lasts at McDonald’s Australia restaurants, and is topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, onions, a special sauce and cheddar cheese all on a special gourmet bun. Give it a try, but you probably shouldn’t judge all Wagyu beef by McDonald’s Australia’s attempt at the form.

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