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McDonald’s Sauces Coming to Canadian Grocery Stores

by Joseph
McDonald's Sauces

McDonald's Sauces

Remember when McDonald’s released a limited edition line of Big Mac Special Sauce as a promotional gimmick? Somebody at McDonald’s Canadian HQ had the bright idea to just go ahead and sell bottles of McDonald’s sauces, and Special Sauce isn’t the only signature Mickey D’s condiment to make the transition.

McDonald’s Special Sauce is being joined by two other McDonald’s sauces for the bottle-and-shelf treatment – McChicken sauce (which I thought was just mayonnaise but may be some kind of mixture of greater complexity and nuance) and Filet-O-Fish sauce (which, again, I’m pretty sure is just tartar sauce). According to a recent tweet from the Canadian McDonald’s Twitter account, all three sauces are coming to Canada this spring:

No specific release date on this line of McDonald’s sauces has been reported as of yet, let alone any plans for a wider release beyond Canadian shores. So if you dream of being able to prepare homemade Big Macs and McChickens complete with their respective sauces, just be patient—unless you’re not reading this from Canada, in which case it might be time to make sure your passport is in order.

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