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McDonald’s Next: Mickey D’s Gets Upgraded

by Joseph
McDonald's Next

McDonald's Next

If you feel any deep and personal connections to your local McDonald’s, you better cherish your remaining time there as you would at a church or other house of God, since it may be getting completely revamped in the near future. It’s part of a concept for the brand’s future that’s known as McDonald’s Next, an initiative that includes the redesigned packaging seen in the photo up above.

But McDonald’s Next is purported to be more than just a cosmetic upgrade. McDonald’s is also pledging to package their products in 100% post-consumer recycled materials by the year 2020, complete with the spiffy new design schemes.

As per McDonald’s grand scheme for world-re-domination, all McDonald’s locations are set to be revamped under McDonald’s Next by the end of this year, with select locations already sporting the new designs. So start stocking up on those old McFlurry cups and Big Mac boxes – they might be collectors’ items in a few years.

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