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McDonald’s McCafé Coffee Line Gets Brand Makeover

by Joseph
McDonald's McCafé

McDonald's McCafé

I’ve often heard people say that even if you wouldn’t expect it, you can get good, cheap coffee at McDonald’s. Evidently, the fast food chain is no longer content with that whole unsung diamond in the rough vibe, because the McDonald’s McCafé line of coffee beverages has received a brand makeover that seems to be attempting to compete with Starbucks.

McCafé has been around in one form or another since 2009, and the new McDonald’s McCafé isn’t just a new logo, but a new line of espresso drinks like caramel macchiato, vanilla cappuccino and americano – in other words, stuff you’re used to ordering at your local ‘Bucks. And for the time being anyway, they’re priced at just two bucks – a bit cheaper than their Starbucks equivalents.

There’s also a line of McDonald’s McCafé bottled frappe drinks coming to grocery stores, and you can read more about the entire product revamp at Business Insider right here.

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