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McDonald’s Boombox is Made from Recycled Drink Trays

by Joseph
McDonald's Boombox

McDonald's Boombox

McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food joint that is apparently favoring a “why not?” policy towards promotional gimmicks. The latest fruit of that approach toward pointless innovations is the McDonald’s Boombox, made from recycled drink trays to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the McFlurry. OK, sure, why not.

In case any younger readers don’t know what a boombox is, the McDonald’s Boombox is a portable, disposable speaker that connects up with smartphones and pumps out up to 70.4 decibels of volume. It’s the joint product of McDonald’s Canada and the University of Waterloo for a recent Toronto event, and unfortunately it appears that they were a one-time-only project – perhaps because McDonald’s managers don’t need a dining room full of customers cranking podcasts and playlists during lunch rush .

Even if you won’t be able to use a McDonald’s Boombox at your local Mickey D any time soon, you can read up on the project right here, and go out and get yourself a McFlurry if you’re feeling festive about the dessert’s 22nd birthday (or just go to Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard, it’s up to you).

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