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McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu is Coming

by Joseph
McDonald's All Day Breakfast Menu

McDonald's All Day Breakfast Menu

It’s been in the air for a while now, but I’ve waited until it was definite, and now it appears to be just that – starting next month, the McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu is scheduled to be available in virtually every McDonald’s retail location in the United States.

The McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu was previously reported as being in a test phase in certain parts of the country, and apparently the tests went well, because now multiple outlets are reporting on plans to roll out the menu on a national level. The roll-out will have its share of difficulties (there are reasons McDonald’s hasn’t offered breakfast all day from the start), but according to the company the tests went well and most of the company’s managers are in favor of the change – in addition to, of course, customers.

You can read more about McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu, which will consist of a pared-down version of the restaurant’s famous breakfast menu, over at The Wall Street Journal here. Then, head to your local Mickey D’s on October 6th, and order an Egg McMuffin for lunch if you feel like it. The world is yours!

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