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McDelivery Collection: McDonald’s Getting in on Apparel Game

by Joseph
McDelivery Collection

McDelivery Collection

First it was KFC Ltd, and now it’s the McDelivery Collection, a line of limited edition streetwear launched by McDonald’s to commemorate the impending launch of McDelivery, which allows users to access the dangerous prospect of Mickey D’s home delivery courtesy of UberEATS.

Putting aside the question of whether being able to order a Double Quarter Pounder and six-piece Chicken McNuggets to your home at any time of the day or night is a good or terrible idea, the McDelivery Collection is a one-day-only line of merchandise that can only be collected for free by using the McDelivery service through the UberEATS app on July 26th, when the service launches in a selection of cities all over the world.

The plan is for the list of those cities to come out the day before the launch, and you can stay tuned to the McDelivery site right here for more details about both the McDelivery Collection and the (arguably more significant and/or dangerous) McDelivery service itself at its official site right here.

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