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McChocolate Potatoes: Chocolate-Covered Fries Coming to Japan

by Joseph
McChocolate Potatoes

McChocolate Potatoes

I’ve long heard about customers at Wendy’s dipping their fries in a chocolate Frosty, but over in Japan another fast food giant is capitalizing on human beings’ latent love of mixing sweet and salty flavors. And since this particular delicacy is called McChocolate Potatoes, I probably don’t have to tell you which restaurant it is.

McChocolate Potatoes are advertised on the McDonald’s Japan website as “The salty of the potato, the taste of surprise sweetness of the chocolate source is applied, Please enjoy.” They’re set to become available on January 26th and through the middle of February, so perhaps you could make a trans-Pacific trip in time to try them (FYI, there’s a fifty cent upcharge in order to soak your fries in chocolate).

Even if that isn’t a realistic plan for you, you can vicariously enjoy McChocolate Potatoes at McDonald’s Japanese site right here, where there’s really no way to know what else you’ll find. Please enjoy.

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