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MB&F Nixie Machine: Like No Other Clock You’ve Seen

by Joseph
MB&F Nixie Machine

MB&F Nixie Machine

The Mechanical Art Device Gallery is a retail concept by timepiece brand MB&F that marries function with art. And there’s no better example of that marriage in action than the new MB&F Nixie Machine by designer Frank Buchwald.

The MB&F Nixie Machine gets its name from the six 1960s Nixie tubes that display either the time of day in hours, minutes, and seconds, or the date in days, months, and years. The Nixie tubes rest on top of an incredibly cool-looking structure, made up of around 350 different working parts. And they’re not just for show – despite its old-school appearance, the Nixie Machine is outfitted with GPS and DCF77 receivers so it always knows what time it is, anywhere in the world.

As if that weren’t impressive enough, the MB&F Nixie Machine has been produced in an extremely limited edition of just 12 units, so you probably won’t be able to score one for your home or office any time soon. But you can get an abundance of information on the project and its development at the MB&F website here.

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