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MB&F Arachnophobia: A Spider That Tells Time

by Joseph
MB&F Arachnophobia

MB&F Arachnophobia

New from watch brand MB&F is a timepiece that goes well beyond the usual wristwatch standard into much more surreal, even horrifying territory. It’s the MB&F Arachnophobia – a timepiece that earns its name with its spider-like shape and eight arachnid legs.

The MB&F Arachnophobia is different from a real spider in a few crucial ways. For one, it tells time, which is cool.  And also unlike spiders, it’s only available in two limited editions, each one (one in black, one in gold) priced at around $16,000. But, I mean, it’s a spider that tells time, so if you’ve got the money there are probably worse things you could spend it on.

If that applies to you (or if you’re just morbidly curious), you can head over to the MB&F online store here, where information on both of the limited edition MB&F Arachnophobia timepieces can be ensnared in your web, or, you know, something spidery like that.

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