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Matt Ferguson’s ‘Star Wars’ Posters at Bottleneck Gallery

by Joseph
Matt Ferguson Star Wars

Matt Ferguson Star Wars

One cool way to get your artwork seen by a wider audience is to make sure your artwork has to do with Star Wars in some way. But that cynical viewpoint does a disservice to artists like Matt Ferguson, whose new collection of Star Wars posters pay graphical tribute to the film franchise’s original trilogy.

The Star Wars movies have always favored posters that focus on the film’s characters, either in groups or solo. But Matt Ferguson’s work is more focused on the world (or maybe that should be galaxy) that the Star Wars trilogy takes place in, as the posters for A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi seen above demonstrate.

Unfortunately, Matt Ferguson’s Star Wars posters were for sale in a limited run from the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, and are sold out now. But you can get more information on the officially licensed posters at the Bottleneck site right here, and stay tuned for any additional copies being sold in the future.

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