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Master Pan: Make an Entire Meal in One Pan

by Joseph
Master Pan

Master Pan

Imagine that you make an entire meal in a single pan, and when people ask you what you’re eating, you just reply, “don’t worry, it’s all part of the Master Pan.” This scenario and more can come true thanks to a new product with that name being available for sale.

The Master Pan is made from die cast aluminum, and was engineered with different sections for grilling up meat in the middle and sides (like vegetables and bread) along the sides. It has a heavy gauge bottom for even distribution of heat, and (naturally) a stain-resistant and non-stick surface. It truly is, one might say, a masterful pan.

You can formulate your own Master Pan by getting one at Amazon here, where it’s (as of this writing) priced at a penny under $80. Considering it’s billed as being able to do the work of five pans, that’s actually a pretty significant bargain.

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