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Maserati Launches Online Pre-Owned Stock Locator

by Joseph

Maserati Logo

Several luxury car manufacturers have recently launched websites to allow users to easily locate certified pre-owned vehicles for sale. Now, Maserati has joined ranks as it unveils the Maserati Stock Locator.

Car buffs are already pouring over the service, and here’s one car on the site that serves as a good example of what you’ll find: A 2007 Nero Black Quattroporte Sport GT Auto with 25,266 miles and a $44,900 price tag.

If you’ve got the scratch to afford a pre-owned Maserati, this new service might be a godsend for you, especially if you’re interested in finding a car in your immediate area – which is obviously a big expense-saver when it comes to buying a pre-owned car.

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