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Maserati Hearse: Custom Hearse From Ellena Funeral Car

by Joseph
Maserati Hearse

Maserati Hearse

In less than two weeks it will be October, aka Halloween season. If you’re looking for a suitably macabre ride for this Halloween, I might recommend this Maserati Hearse from the wonderful folks at Ellena Funeral Car, an Italian brand specializing in the last car you will ever ride in.

The Maserati Hearse is a customized Maserati Ghibli, stretched out to nearly 22 feet in order to accommodate a single supine passenger in the back. Visually, it’s identifiable as a hearse, but it’s also a stylish vehicle in the Maserati tradition—a true best of both worlds for a worst case scenario.

Pricing information on the Ellena Maserati Hearse doesn’t appear to be available as of yet, so you may have to wait until next Halloween to ride in one (if you’re lucky). But you can get some more info (in Italian) from the official Ellena site right here, and hopefully you won’t have to worry about a funeral car for a few more years yet.

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