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‘Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’ Gets First Story Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Oh, damn it, Ultron and Sigma have joined forces, using the Infinity Gems to destroy the heroes from the Marvel and Capcom dimensions, respectively. Now Mega Man, and Captain America, and Thor, and the guy from Resident Evil, and all these other characters have to fight each other—so annoying when that happens. Sorry, I’m just reacting to the first story trailer for the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite in the only way I know how.

As a story trailer, this particular advertisement for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite doesn’t really give you an idea of what playing the game will actually be like. But it does have Rocket Raccoon trading an unreciprocated quip with Mega Man, and the game’s story mode is purported to be “cinematic” in the vein of the trailer, so perhaps you’ll be satisfied anyway.

Watch the first trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite below. And to pre-order the game, which comes out on September 19th, visit its official site here.



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