Home Entertainment ‘Marvel Size Chart: From Ant-Man to Giant-Man’ (Video)

‘Marvel Size Chart: From Ant-Man to Giant-Man’ (Video)

by Joseph
Marvel Size Chart

Marvel Size Chart

As anybody who’s spent any time on dating apps know, there are some people out there who are obsessed with height, and there’s just no getting around (or beneath) it. The ad wizards at Marvel have evidently caught on to this, since they’ve put out a new video that compares all the major superheroes in the only way that really matters. It’s called Marvel Size Chart: From Ant-Man to Giant-Man.

Marvel Size Chart promises to let viewers “See how your favorite Marvel Super Heroes measure up!,” which is itself a throwback to those heady days when nerds could obsess over power levels and other stats within the Marvel Universe. This is a little more accessible, probably since it’s intended as a promotion for Ant-Man and The Wasp, opening this weekend.

You can take a look at Marvel Size Chart: From Ant-Man to Giant-Man below, and see who’s taller, or shorter, than you imagined reading comic books or watching films. And for more, head over to the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel right here.


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