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‘Marvel Rising: Initiation’ Official Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Marvel Rising: Initiation

Marvel Rising: Initiation

This weekend is San Diego Comic-Con, which means you can probably depend on a raft of promotional materials from all the major media companies, Marvel right there among them. But there’s a new trailer for an upcoming animated series from the House of Ideas out ahead of SDCC, and it’s called Marvel Rising: Initiation. Here’s the essential info:

“Stand Out. Rise Together. The next generation of Marvel heroes debut in Marvel Rising: Initiation August 13th on Disney XD!”

As you’ve doubtlessly already figured out, Marvel Rising: Initiation will act as a sort of clearinghouse for some of the more obscure, and younger, characters in the Marvel stable, including the redoubtable Squirrel Girl. Other characters include Ms. Marvel, Quake, Patriot, and Ghost Spider (presumably those current on Marvel mythology already know who all these people are).

More info on Marvel Rising: Initiation will presumably come to light during Comic-Con, but for now you can take a look at the series’ new trailer below. And stay tuned to the show’s official Twitter account here for more.


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