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‘Mars 2030’ VR Experience is Based on NASA Research (Video)

by Joseph
Mars 2030

Mars 2030

Where will you be in 2030? Theoretically, it’s possible that you’ll be on Mars, but a new VR experience for PC (and purportedly coming to PlayStation VR in the near future) lets you sample what it will be like on Mars 13 years from now, based on actual scientific research from NASA. It’s called Mars 2030, and if it’s not quite as exciting as the Total Recall Martian memory implants, that’s just because it puts a much higher premium on realism.

Mars 2030 isn’t plot-based but instead focuses on “open world exploration” of 40 square kilometers of Martian landscape. There’s a non-VR version, too, if you’re OK with settling, but take a look at the game’s key features, as per its official site:

  • Geolab workstation equipped with a VR Microscope to study collected samples

  • A habitat base, modeled after the design from NASA Langley’s Evolvable Mars Campaign

  • Interactive VR music, performed and recorded by the London Symphonic Orchestra

  • Ambisonic sound covers audio sources from every direction

  • Full support of motion controls to operate equipment and Mars rover, and navigate the terrain

  • Custom-built Unreal 4 game engine capable of producing the large scale environment at optimal frame rates

The PC version of Mars 2030 is available for download now at the game’s official site here. You can also watch a trailer for it below.

Now get your ass to Mars:


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