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“Married AF” T-Shirt From TheDailyTay

by Joseph
Married AF

Married AF

“Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today to celebrate the eternal matrimony of [you] and [your spouse,] who are now officially married AF.” If that line makes you smile rather than roll your eyes (OK, you can still roll your eyes a little), the new “Married AF” t-shirt from Etsy shop TheDailyTay is for you.

Each “Married AF” t-shirt is handmade, announcing to the world that you are spoken for, locked down, and not looking to mingle. They come in a variety of sizes for men and women, so if you want to push your “obnoxious married couple” aesthetic to the next level you could buy matching shirts for both of you.

If you’re married, or you just want to make sure no one ever asks you out on a date ever again, you can get your own “Married AF” t-shirt at TheDailyTay’s Etsy store right here, where the shirts are priced at $28 each in all sizes.


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