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Marquette Castings “Superior Cast Iron Skillets” Last for Life

by Joseph
Marquette Castings

Marquette Castings

The cast iron skillet has been around so long that it can be hard to imagine any improvements on its classic design. That’s exactly the kind of environment in which innovation often thrives, and so we have Marquette Castings and their “superior cast iron skillets” that purportedly carry a lifetime guarantee.

Marquette Castings cast iron skillets are made through investment casting, which allows for lighter weight, faster heating, a smoother finish, and greater durability than a typical skillet. They also redesigned the handle and improved the no-stick coating for greater ease of use and longevity, respectively, but the point is that this is supposed to be better than any other cast iron skillet you’ve ever used.

Only 118 people believe that to be the case so far, since that’s how many backers the Marquette Castings skillet has on Kickstarter right here, as of this writing. But for the next two weeks, you can get on board for $80 and up if you want to see one in your own kitchen.

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