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Marlowe Lunchbag: The Brown Paper Sack, Upgraded

by Joseph
Marlowe Lunchbag

Marlowe Lunchbag

The sack lunch is iconic thanks in part to the bittersweet tang of childhood it carries among its quaint, modest charms (along with a sandwich, apple, and juice box). But it’s 2016, and we’re more conscious about both style and the environment than we used to be, which is why the Marlowe Lunchbag is an unambiguous upgrade.

I did a little research on the Marlowe Lunchbag to find out if it was named after Philip Marlowe, Private Eye, but actually it’s named after beloved Etsy shop owner Katie Marlowe (who you can find here). As for the bag itself, it’s reusable and durable, made from waxed duck canvas, while not sacrificing the pleasantly familiar look of the paper sack. There’s also a pocket for notes, which is just delightful.

The Marlowe Lunchbag is available from online retailers like this one, where it’s currently priced at a cool $44 and available in several different colors. Just think: after just 440 sack lunches, this thing will have already paid for itself.


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