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Marley Natural: Officially Licensed Marijuana Products

by Joseph
Marley Natural

Marley Natural

Over the course of his life and career, Bob Marley was famously an ahead-of-his-time proponent for the benefits of marijuana. Now, even in death, his name and likeness will be used to sell the wacky weed in the form of Marley Natural, the officially licensed marijuana imprint revealed just as marijuana legalization is picking up steam (or smoke).

Marley Natural Fine Cannabis Products will include “heirloom cannabis strains” that Bob was known to enjoy, as well as extra stuff like topical lotions and, naturally, accessories bearing the Marley Natural brand. As someone who was a college student in the last quarter century, it’s my firm prediction that people are going to go absolutely nuts for this.

Marley Natural won’t launch until late 2015 (in specific territories, of course), but you can check out the brand’s website here, where you can also sign up for product updates and the like. Until then, just remember that every little thing is gonna be alright, etc.

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